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Welcome to Changzhou Baolong Automation Technology Co., Ltd. Our company established in 2004, is a high-tech enterprise, which is engaged in the development, production and selling kinds of micro motor and motion control systems.
The address of our company is No.510 Zhongwu Road, Qishuyan Changzhou Jiangsu,PRC. Our company telephone number is 0519-88386018. We try our best to win the client's trust by our high-quality products, excellent service and reasonable prices. We are becoming the leader of the micro motor industry.
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    Welcome to Changhzou Baolong Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
    Professional Mechanical And Electrical Service Provider
    • Medical
      Widely use the stepper motor and BLDC motor: low noise, low vibration, high precision, small volume.
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    • Robotics
      Geared stepper motor, servo motor, out rotor brushless motor apply to Robot arm, Collaborative robot.
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    • Textile
      stepper motor used for circular knitting machines.
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    • Industrial Control
      Baolong provides industrial automation solutions.
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    • Logistics
      Stepper motor and brushless motors can be used for AGVS, general robotics of grippers.
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    • Security
      Stepper motor apply to high speed ball, IP camera.
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    14 2022-11
    Brushless DC motor quiet, light and long life. A Brushless DC motor can realize more accurate motion control because of the current controlled by the computer. Because of all these advantages, Brushless DC motor motors are often used in modern equipment that requires low noise and low heat, especially for continuous operation. This could include washing machines, air conditioners, and other consumer electronics.
    07 2022-11
    BLDC motor in the“BL” means“Brushless”, is the DC motor (brush motor) in the“Brush” no. The role of the brush in a DC motor (brush motor) is to pass electricity through the commutator to the coil in the rotor. So how does a BLDC motor without a brush charge a coil in the rotor?
    31 2022-10
    The stepping motor is a kind of electromechanical device which directly converts electrical pulse into mechanical motion by controlling the order, frequency, and quantity of electrical pulse applied on the motor coil, it can control the steering, speed, and rotation angle of the stepping motor.
    24 2022-10
    A Stepper motor is a discrete control motor that converts the electric pulse excitation signal into the corresponding angular displacement or line displacement. This kind of motor moves every time an electric pulse is an input, so it is also called a pulse motor. So what are the categories?
    17 2022-10
    Servo Motor uses a three-phase synchronous Motor, its characteristic is the rotor, there is no three-phase asynchronous Motor in the cage bar, the rotor has many patches, and is a permanent magnet material. In this way, the rotor has its magnetic field, unlike the induction current induction motor is produced by the magnetic field.
    10 2022-10
    Gearbox Brushless Motor is a typical mechatronics engineering product consisting of a Motor body and a driver. So What's the difference between it and a brush motor?

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